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NeoAlly Dog Back Brace for Dogs with Inserts for Extra Support

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•Revamped Support for Your Dog - Our innovative mechanism uses 4 hidden hard inserts expertly aligned along your dog's spine, providing unparalleled support to help your furry friend comfortably stay mobile, happy, and healthy.
•Personalized Fit - Our adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit that stays snug and comfortable around your dog's body, keeping the brace in place while helping your pet maintain a healthy back posture tailored to their unique shape and size.
•Accelerate Recovery - Whether your dog is recovering from an injury or surgery, our braces are an excellent option to support and stabilize your dog during the rehab process, enabling them to regain their mobility and happiness faster.
•IVDD Support - Canine Intervertebral Disc Disease is a debilitating condition that affects so many dogs; our specially designed back brace targets this condition to get your dog moving again and help them live life to the fullest.
•This product is not a substitute for medical treatment. Please consult your vet if you have concerns.

From IVDD to spinal arthritis, spondylitis, spinal trauma, pulled muscles, and sprains, dogs experience discomfort and pain that can limit their quality of life. The NeoAlly dog back brace offers an effective solution to relieve symptoms and support your pet’s back. The foam layers and back stabilizers provide support to the entire length of your dog’s back to ensure maximum comfort and stabilize the spine and surrounding muscles. It also provides a safe and natural way to control your pet’s back movements while also offering support and stability. The back brace is made with durable neoprene/polyester material that resists damages caused by abrasion, flexing, and twisting. It is designed for ease of use and comfort. It’s easy for your pet to put on and take off, and it’s light enough to wear for extended periods. Also easy to clean (simple hand wash and air dry), and it comes with adjustable straps to ensure a perfect fit. Check our size chart to choose the right brace for your pet!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Fits perfectly, but I measured my pup!

Definitely measure your pup first, don’t go by breed, especially if yours is overweight like mine! Needed it because he has flare ups every once in a while and I can use it between visits to the doggie chiropractor.

Colliemom 3
It looks workable

This is for a 30# dog that has doxie in her therefor she has a long back and stumpy legs. She has steps up and down on the bed (ours) and for sofa, to keep her from jumping. The long backed dogs can fracture their spine and have to be euthanized if they jump off just a little “wrong”.I have it put away for now. Sort of a preemptive strike. She will get old one day, and that’s this brace’s time to shine. I feel it will help her a great deal as she gets old, stiff and arthritic. It will provide her much needed back support for a long, comfy life

Deb MericleDeb Mericle
My senior dog likes wearing it!

This back brace for dogs is made well. The fabric choice is extremely comfortable, breathable, and highly adjustable.The product does not come with any instructions at all. I had to figure out how to use it by trial and error. After figuring it out, I still do not know what the recommendations are for adjusting the brace or even the recommended length of time you should let your dog wear this particular brace, etc.My senior dog did enjoy wearing it. She also seemed happy and a little more active. As time goes on, I’m sure this brace is going to have a positive effect on her.It’s pricey, but worth it to see your furbabies response. I would love to see instructions and recommendations included with the product. I think it’s necessary on a product like this.I hope this review helps you and your precious furbaby!

G. Corder
Fits well. Allows good range of movement.

I got this brace for our daughter’s Lhasa Poodle mix, Riggins, who has had back surgery. The vet says he has recovered, but sometimes it seems like he’s still in pain, and he likes to jump on and off the couch. So I thought this brace might help when he seems to be hurting.The brace is easy to put on, and fits him very well, but Riggins doesn’t like it. Once it’s on, he forgets about it, though, and he runs around like normal, so he can run in it and he seems comfortable. But he won’t jump, which is good. If he wears the brace when he seems to be in pain and it keeps him from jumping, maybe after a few months these pain episodes will go away. That’s my theory anyway. I don’t think it could hurt to try. I think the brace is worthwhile.

Working great so far

I put this on my small senior dog and although I had to use paper clips after I noticed it was a bit big on his neck it ended up working great. I can definitely see that he has a straighter back with this thing on and I think having this on and off throughout the week will really help him get rid of the arch he has in his back that's pretty prominent.He can walk normally with this on as well.

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