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NeoAlly Elbow and Shoulder Brace for Dogs and Cats - Optimal Support for Pet Mobility


•Neoally Dog Elbow Brace provides elbow joint support and improves mobility in dogs and cats with elbow arthritis, hygroma, dysplasia, and shoulder dislocation, protects pets from elbow calluses, pressure sores and helps in wound healing. Combine with NeoAlly Organic Hip and Joint Supplement to speed up the recovery.
•The Patent-pending design is based on pet's body anatomy and adapts perfectly to the animal and guarantees a secure fit and comfort, and provides elbow support and protection in all positions - standing, walking, running, jumping, sitting, or lying down
•The soft and breathable fabric with compression gives your pet the much needed support in entended period of use, while the elastic strap and snug-fit design provides flexibility and plenty of freedom of movement. Your dog should feel very comfortable in it
•This dog elbow protector has been tested on most popular breeds of dogs for comfort, fitness, and levels of support, and is highly recommended by veterinarians
•Please measure the leg circumference at elbow on the affected leg and follow the size chart to choose the correct size for left or right leg (stand behind your dog to tell left, right or both)

The Best Brace for Elbow Dysplasia in Dogs

Our patent-pending NeoAlly® Dog Elbow Brace is designed and tested by veterinarians for the most popular breeds of dogs. It provides elbow and shoulder support to dogs with elbow dysplasia, shoulder dislocation, osteoarthritis, arthritis, and bursitis.

Elbow Pads Provide Protection for Your Dog: Hygromas, Elbow Calluses & Pressure Sores

The elbow pad also protects dogs from hygromas, pressure sores, and calluses. It keeps dogs from licking which helps in wound healing and speeds up surgical recovery.

Designed for Support, Comfort, and Increased Mobility

Our NeoAlly® Dog Shoulder & Elbow Brace is carefully constructed using soft, breathable fabric. It’s designed with compression that gives your dog much-needed support for extended use. The brace provides a snug fit that’s flexible, allowing plenty of freedom for movement. Your dog will find it very comfortable.

The patent-pending design is strictly based on a dog’s anatomy so it adapts perfectly to your dog’s shoulder and elbow. The shoulder brace is comfortable, fits securely, and provides elbow support and protection in all circumstances – standing, walking, running, jumping, sitting, or lying down.

This dog shoulder brace is the perfect solution to help increase mobility in dogs with elbow dysplasia. It also provides elbow joint support and improves mobility in dogs with elbow arthritis, hygroma, dysplasia, and shoulder dislocation.

It’s important to consult with your veterinarian to get a proper diagnosis and make a treatment plan.

Features & Benefits

  • SAFETY: To be safe, veterinarians recommend checking your pet’s skin after wearing the braces. Remove the braces if needed to let your pet’s legs breathe.
  • INCREASED MOBILITY: Elbow braces make it possible for dogs to continue walking on their injured leg. They can continue going on walks or moving around the yard or home without feeling limited.
  • COMFORT: Our NeoAlly® Dog Elbow & Shoulder Brace is comfortable for your pet. This durable product is constructed out of a lightweight material that won’t restrict your dog’s movement. You can also have peace of mind knowing that your pet’s pain is alleviated.
  • REDUCED RISK OF FURTHER INJURY: Unfortunately, many dogs can continue to injure their elbow or leg if they walk on it without the proper support. A brace will stabilize the elbow and provide the ideal support to allow the injury to heal and help prevent further injuries to the affected area.
  • PAIN RELIEF: As a pet owner, the health and comfort of your dog are likely a high priority and a concern. A shoulder brace will ease your pet’s discomfort and help the injury heal, ensuring your dog can continue to thrive and stay active.
  • VETERINARIAN APPROVED: We work with veterinarians to develop comfortable, effective leg braces for your dog or cat. Our NeoAlly® Dog Shoulder Brace & Elbow Protector has been tested on the most popular breeds of dogs for comfort, fitness, and level of support. It is recommended by veterinarians.
  • HOW TO MEASURE: Measure the leg circumference at the elbow on the affected leg and follow the size chart (above) to choose the correct size for the left or right leg (stand behind your dog to tell left or right)
  • WARRANTY: All our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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  • Exchange Process (USA Only): If you need a different size or product, please contact us with the details, and we'll promptly send you the correct item at no additional cost.
  • International Returns: Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns or offer refunds for international orders.
  • Refund Policy: If you no longer need the product and wish to initiate a return, we will provide a full refund, provided the product is in a re-sellable condition. Please note that the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and any loss in value if the item is not returned in its original condition.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Rogers M.
Better than the rest.

I really like the product. It is definitely heads above the competitors. It is well made, and it works perfectly. There is one little problem I see. The buckle where the Velcrow strap goes through tends to get sideways, and causes the strap to bunch up. Wish I could you a pic for you to better understand what I'm trying to explain. Fix that problem and you have 5 stars for sure.

Nancy Takayama
Chewed to Pieces

I got the largest size fit my 144 lbs German Shepherd m. Had to add a make shift extension but got it to work. The brace worked for a few day. Had to scold him because started to chew it. Woke up one morning and found the brace hanging off his shoulders. The brace no longer protecting his elbow. Trying to sew the pieces together but it’s like a puzzle. My be a hopeless projecting.


Fits well, used their guide. Seems to help my almost 14 y/o get around better

Andy D
Comfortable Fit

My dog Lucky has a Hygroma on his left elbow and he actually helped me put it on him, at first I didn’t let him run outside with it on, but lately have left on while he runs and it seams to move with him really good. Vet says it may take over 6 months and hope the Elbow and Shoulder Brace will hold up that long, we’ll see but after a month it’s seams to be made well enough that it should hold up.

Karen RKaren R
Seems to be helping my 14 year old Shar-Pei

My has been taking Pet Honesty Hemp supplements and they have really helped her for the last two years. She has recently developed a displaced elbow and has been unwilling to put any weight on her front right leg. She was basically not moving for the last week without me using a support brace to help her get outside. I made an appointment with my vet next week and wasn’t really sure what we could do. I bought this brace to see if this would help her. Two days in the brace and she is now putting some weight on it. Still going in to the vet to see if there are any other treatments for her, but I’m happy with what it’s doing so far. The sizing is a little tricky. My dog has a broad chest so she needed the large, but her elbow would have fitted the medium better. I was able to adjust the Velcro but it does stick out a little bit. So far it hasn’t got caught on anything but I can see how it would.

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