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Dog Leg and Hip Braces

We all hate it when our pets start slowing down. But whether it’s injury, inflammation or just age in general, leg and joint braces can give your dog the extra support she needs to stay mobile and active. Our four-legged friends may be built a little differently but they have wrists, elbows, knees, hips, shoulders and ankles too! All of which can be subject to pains, sprains and annoying tears, just like humans. Luckily, we have braces for every leg area … for pets big and small. Whatever your need, all our pet products have been designed for mobility and comfort using high-quality, breathable materials that last.

We design high-quality leg braces and lift harnesses that help keep your dogs and cats mobile and provide pain relief, injury prevention, and recovery support. Because we understand the stress you and your pets experience when something affects your routine, we focus on products that enhance your pet’s mobility … and decrease everyone’s anxiety.

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